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About - East Gate was started in 1990 by Diane & Tracy Peck. Both have had many years of experience treating a wide range of conditions.

The Wisdom of Chinese medicine teaches that the body-mind-spirit has a self-regulating mechanism that when given the right information allows for health, healing & vitality on all levels.
To assist with this process we utilize acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Cupping, Gua Sha, Qigong and other traditional and modern approaches for the restoration of ones' health and vitality through natural means.

True harmony and health comes from following the natural ebb & flow of the seasons, as well as, the ebb & flow of life changes. When there is change or stress- internally or externally, the body-mind-spirit system can become weakened. Chinese medicine is a powerful tool for the eradication of disease, the restoration of harmony to the body-mind-spirit and as a tool for the ever evolving consciousness of the individual.

At East Gate we treat a wide range of conditions form chronic to acute, as well as pediatric to geriatric concerns. Please contact us for more information.


East Gate Healing Arts Center
410 W. Fisher Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401