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Diane Peck - Diane Peck M.Ac.,L.Ac.

Diane first came to acupuncture after a car accident in college left her in chronic pain.  After trying many modalities,  she was able to find complete and lasting relief after receiving Five Element Acupuncture treatments.
Diane began her studies in 1984 at The Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now Maryland University of Integrative Health), and received her Masters in Acupuncture in 1988.
She has continued studies in Five Element Acupuncture, Japanese Meridian Theory, Bagua Acupuncture and Dr Tan's Balance Method, as well as, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, nutrition, allergy repatterning, and muscle testing.
Because of her history with back pain she enjoys learning new  methods that help alleviate pain, and enjoys helping people that come to see her who are in pain.


East Gate Healing Arts Center
410 W. Fisher Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401