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 "From the moment you enter East Gate, you are enveloped in an air of peacefulness and you intuitively feel you are in the right place! Tracy is welcoming and immediately puts you at ease. He truly listens and is always happy to answer questions.  He is knowledgeable, professional and personable, and has helped me through surgery, pain ailments and managing the stress of everyday life.  His gentle approach to needle placement and expertise with Chinese Herbs treats both the symptoms and underlying causes. Tracy ’s understanding and genuine concern for me continues to make a difference in my overall health and well-being."
Linda KInney
Greensboro, NC

"Diane has used her skill to help me to deal with pain in my hands, knees and neck. She has also aided me in understanding my body's reaction to the seasons through her knowledge of Oriental healing arts."
Greensboro, NC

"I was a real skeptic of Acupuncture until my wife convinced me to see Diane Peck after my wreck in 1995.  I was in a wreck in China in 1994 and broke over 42 bones in a car wreck which two people died including my partner and I was one of the fortunate few that survived.  I had over 65 hours of reconstructive surgery over a period of two years but was still in some pain after my surgeries.  After several sessions with Diane, I started to feel so much better and my mobility improved too.  After my treatments with Diane, she asked me if there was anything else that she could help me in my recovery.  I told her that she had a done an outstanding job and I could not feel better.  She asked that if I had any allergies and I told her that I had a terrible reaction back in 1984 with shrimp.  I had gone to my allergist and he informed me that I was highly allergic to shell fish and should never eat it again.  Diane said that she could cure me which she did and told me to go back to my doctor to make sure that I was no longer allergic to shell fish.  My doctor informed me that it was amazing that I had no reaction to shell fish anymore so I can eat shell fish today.  I am now facing cancer and I am presently at Duke with Stage IV bone cancer but Diane is working with me to build up my immunity system as well as put me on some mushroom tablets that will help my body fight this deadly disease.  I can not say enough for Diane and her husband Tracy as they are the best in their field.  I am honored to recommend them to you if you are considering Acupuncture."
John G. White
Greensboro, NC

"Tracy is an amazing healer. I have been going to him for years and his mixture of acupuncture and Qigong has kept me balanced and healthy. If you are looking for a great acupuncturist then give Tracy a call. You won’t be disappointed."
Donna Burick, Holistic Life Coach ~ Energy Healer
Greensboro, NC

"I was very tentative about seeing an acupuncturist because I was convinced that the needles would hurt. However to my great surprise Tracy’s acupuncture was painless and very effective. I would highly recommend him."
Margie Walker
Greensboro, NC

"I feel certain that Master Zhou's powerful yet gentle "pure Chi from Heaven" is one of the main reasons I survived stage four cancer. He is such a kind, compassionate soul. His number one disciple (Tracy) is a great soul as well. I'm so grateful for your center."

Bob Russell, LAc
Chapel Hill

"Tracy Peck has a deep and enduring grasp of the true healing nature of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  The quality of his Tai Chi demonstrates his connection with the source of Qi and his mastery of this ancient tradition.  His calm demeanor and modesty about his skill and art make it easy to study with him and to learn from him."

CC- Gold Metal Winner at Wudang Taiji Tournament

"Tracy Peck is a profound healer and doctor of Chinese Medicine. His knowledge on the subjects of Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi are equal to that of a master."
Phillip Ward
Massage Therapist, Tai Chi Teacher and student of Chinese Medicine
L.A., California

"As soon as you walk in the door of East Gate Acupuncture you encounter a beautiful and tranquil setting. Diane always greets me with her warm and genuine smile before our session. She is kind and attentive during pre treatment interviews that are thorough and helpful in getting past just a list of complaints. Diane has helped me over the years work with back pain, digestive issues, allergies, fatigue and anxiety.  I have recommended Diane and East Gate to friends and family. She has helped my nephew with debilitating allergies and my son with neck pain. It is very easy for me to recommend East Gate Acupuncture to anyone who is interested in compassionate and well trained practitioners of acupuncture."
Martha G.
Greensboro, NC

"I've always felt confident making referrals to Diane and Tracy over the last 20 years - they've helped many of my clients."

"I choose East Gate for my acupuncture because of the skill, wisdom, dedication and integrity that I experience in their friendly and pleasant atmosphere.
I am a regular customer at East Gate for acupuncture with Tracy Peck. I have been going for treatments since the early 90's.  I began because of a very painful 'tennis elbow' which persisted for over a year with no relief from medical procedures and shots.  After my first acupuncture treatment I had almost immediate relief and the pain has never returned.  I, also, had a similar situation with my hip; it, too, responded positively.  Two years ago I incorporated acupuncture in my healing regimen to combat lung cancer - weekly treatments while undergoing chemo and radiation. I believe that acupuncture helped my body recover from the cancer, the harsh drugs & treatments & helped minimize collateral damage." 
"I now try for monthly treatments for overall maintenance and healthy balance."

"I choose East Gate because I sense a deep belief, commitment and respect for the art of healing thru Acupuncture. I appreciate the peaceful atmosphere, friendly caring. I sense a MASTERFUL presence of wisdom and skill and healing, a genuine love for this ART and practice." 
"I look forward to my visits & ALWAYS enjoy the very good company at East Gate."
Marsha Slane

"Since 2006 I have experienced a serious health issue--Stage IV metastatic malignant melanoma. After five surgeries, a couple of rounds of an immuno-therapy drug (high dose Interleuken II) and two clinical trial drugs, I am pleased to report that the last of these drugs (March 2011, FDA-approved Yervoy), along with a number of “so-called” alternative treatments, have helped my body heal through both disappearance and diminishment of tumor growth."
"While I am grateful to the medical research and community that have allowed my body to ward off the advance of this dread disease, I am equally awed and appreciative of my body’s natural responses to heal itself through the power of an enhanced diet, affirming thoughts, dietary supplements, a strong faith community and a faithful teammate in Diane Peck, who has been with me every step of the way since my first major surgery in January 2008."
"Through both her tireless research on my behalf, ancient acupuncture treatment techniques and natural tumor-suppressing agents, Diane has provided relief from side effects of the drug I take every three months; an enhanced immune system; peace of mind; and the comfort of a health-care provider, who respects me and my body’s ability, with the help of acupuncture, to do the work necessary to be strong and healthy and whole."
"I have for the past several years led a very normal life, and there is no doubt that my treatments with Diane Peck at East Gate Acupuncture have played a major role in my quality of life and in the miracle of healing that I have experienced thus far in my journey. I am a strong advocate for the benefits of regular trips to the acupuncturist; mine just happens to be among the finest!"

Ben Sutton

"I began going to Tracy Peck about 18 years ago for help in getting through a difficult menopause.  The treatment really helped.  So, in all this time I never stopped.  I go for a "tune-up" every four weeks and I know it keeps me healthy.  Yea Tracy.  You are so talented."
Sally Anderson

"A number of years ago I came down with a severe neurological illness for which there is still no effective treatment.  I started getting regular acupuncture treatments from Tracy.  Although they have not cured me, they have contributed greatly to improving my health and quality of life.  Tracy has helped me with clearing headaches, aches and pains, belly discomfort, sleep disturbance and sinus congestion among other symptoms.  With regular treatment I have become stronger, more resistant to colds, etc. and my digestion and sleep have improved. I was amazed by how much his treatments helped my emotional state when I was going through a very distressing divorce. Unlike when I go to an allopathic doctor, I usually feel better by the time I leave his office.  Through Tracy I have  learned about other complementary modalities which have also helped me to feel and function better.  For me Tracy has a real gift for determining which points need to be treated for the greatest benefit. He uses tiny needles which I seldom feel unless the point is especially congested.  I highly recommend him.

"Integrity, service and skill are the hallmarks of East Gate Acupuncture. I have received acupuncture treatments from practioniers across the country and can say, without a doubt, that the treatments  I receive at East Gate are far and above anything else I've ever experienced.  I have worked with my practionier, Tracy Peck, for over 10 years - he is incredibly gifted, highly experienced, deeply caring of his clients and continues to hone his craft after more than twenty years in the field.  He is a healer in the truest sense of that word."

E. von Clemm, Greensboro, NC

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